RVC Long-term training in Japan

On a personal note, and during my 1 year of Long-Term Training (aka LTT) and 2 years of Oversea Transfer Program (aka OTP), I discovered the many attractions and sophistications in the Japanese culture affluence and its profound soft power, as well as a greatly improvement on my technical and mindsets/critical thinking. The Japanese tradition and their working way strongly intrigued me, as it does to most other colleges to Japan.

In conclusion, I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with many Japanese engineers (not only peers but also high-class managers), and I have been struck by their willingness to help me and RVC. I had always been awed by their expertise and professional in working. however, it humbles me to know that RVC can be the recipient of such support and kindness. It is its profound culture and value that makes it great. It is the hard work, commitment, discipline, warm, and peace-loving engineer that drive this great company and nation. I cannot put into words my respect and admiration for REL and Japanese. I can only say, quite simply, from my heart: “Doomo Arigato Go­zaimasu”.

I feel honored and privileged to understand that my contribution to the promotion new products/projects and mutual understanding between RVC and REL.