RVC Gathering Night 2016: A Special Fancy Rooftop Party with Finger Food and Jazz Music

To celebrate successful year 2015 and welcome New Year 2016, RVC together with RVC Trade Union sponsored to organize RVC Gathering Night 2016 on 05 Jan 2016. The party was a good occasion for more than 550 RVC members to get closer, making the company atmosphere like that of a big family reunion which was really warm and exciting in a slightly chilly weather of beginning spring.

It is not the first time RVC has held Gathering Night, but the Gathering Night this year was special and fancy for three reasons.

The venue: It is the first time a company party has ever taken place on RVC roof floor where the guests can enjoy cool feelings of freedom, peace, and somehow romance brought about by spacious space, peaceful and romantic sky view from RVC rooftop in a musical atmosphere.

The food: It is also the first time the company has ever served finger food in a casual standing manner so that it is convenient for everyone to move around freely and frequently to get the food, eat and chat with different people during the party.

The music: Especially, it is the first time RVC has ever invited a professional band to come and play music. It is the Jazz Band of the renowned Saxophonist Tran Manh Tuan. Everyone was excited to see one of the greatest artists of Vietnam in person right in RVC and felt honorable to be entertained by his fantastic music and talent.

Spacious, peaceful, and romantic view from RVC Rooftop

Delicious finger food from Metropole wedding and convention center

Fantastic music from Jazz band of renowned Saxophonist Tran Manh Tuan

We really enjoyed every song, every dish, and every moment of Gathering Night 2016. Information and photos of the party were quickly spread on Facebook pages of RVC members that night until several days later.

Enjoying every moment of Gathering Night

Facebook pages flooded with photos of RVC Gathering Night 2016

Hopefully it is a good start for another successful year of RVC business so that we will enjoy another Gathering Night next year

Sponsors and organizers of RVC Gathering Night 2016