CMMI Level 3 appraisal achievement

Renesas Design Vietnam is continuously expanding our business solutions, especially Software Engineering Division wants to become core Design Company of Software development and support in Renesas group to worldwide with high productivity and high quality products. To realize this, we need to show our fundamental development andmanagement skills as Software Design Company externally and internally then getting more business chances by reliability. Automotive related projects usually request CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) because of Quality Assurance. Achievement of CMMI appraisal is one of the indicators for us to show it up.

After thoughtful consideration, Renesas Design Vietnam Software Engineering Division decided the plan to
achieve CMMI level3 appraisal in Mar 2015 from Apr 2014. It was a short period to refine our development process and get necessary evidences for CMMI level3 appraisal in comparison with other companies.

The first action was in May/2014 to do first gap analysis to understand the weaknesses of Renesas Design Vietnam’s process in comparison with CMMI Level3 model. It was much and we needed to
re-establish our process for become suitable with RVC’s activities by self-investigating both Renesas Electronics Corporation and Renesas Solution Corporation (Renesas System Design Corporation) development process over 70 standards. Within 3 months (from Jun-Aug/2014), we had to resolve all our weaknesses and complete re-establishing our process (about 70 standards) to keep the schedule of CMMI Level3 appraisal in Mar/2015. It was really a challenging schedule.

With the defined target to achieve CMMI Level3 in Mar/2015, Renesas Design Vietnam SEPG (Software Engineering Process Group) members (17 members) tried to work hard to resolve all weakness to release our new development process by Aug/2014 and keep the schedule of task assignment in other projects as well. With good cooperation among SEPG members, we could keep the schedule. Also, the project members who applied our new development process from Oct/2014 provided enough evidences for CMMI level3 appraisal.

As a result, we could get CMMI Level3 appraisal successfully in Mar/2015. It shows not only our hard working spirit but also good cooperation culture among RVC members to achieve any of our business goals. From now, with further improvement in our process as CMMI Level3 appraisal, the further improvement of our QCD (Quality – Cost – Delivery) will go surely towards SUCCESSES.