RVC Community Day Blood Donation

“Give blood, save life for a better” is the slogan for the blood donation campaign in RVC. The donated drops of blood will bring life, faith and hope for people who need them. Understanding the meaning of this activity, the RVC Community Day in 2014 was organized 18th November 2014 at RVC building, which received an impressive respond from employees.

Some employees of RVC were not on the registration list; however they came very early to participate in the donation. This is a good deed that needs to be commended. This year, the number of donors giving 350ml, 450ml is highly increasing. Totally in RVC Community Day 2014, RVC has contributed 32,500ml of blood to the society.

More than that, as the good traditional spirit of RVC employees, almost of allowances from this donation (cash, condensed milk cans) are continued using for other charity activities.

When having an idea about the Day for Community, we do hope that RVC employees have chances to participate in more social activities, and now we have achieved the mission. Hopefully more and more individuals as well as organizations join this meaningful movement.