Company trip

Company Trip

11th Anniversary Trip to Phan Thiet

03rd to 05th Oct. 2015, 11th Anniversary Trip was held in Phan Thiet. Over 500 people of employees of RVC and their family assembled in Renesas Design Vietnam Co., Ltd (RVC). 03rd October morning and went ahead to Phan Thiet.

There are many different reasons why every year, RVC uses team building activities: improving communication, motivation to help get to know each other better, learning effective strategies, improving productivity, learning about one’s strengths and weaknesses etc.

Team building activities can be used to promote better teamwork in the workplace,

and RVC knows, great teamwork is one of the important key factors associated with a RVC’s success.

This year, Team building 2015 is called “Color your life”

The idea is to perform various activities that are both fun and challenging, and that also have the “side effect” of building teamwork skills, spirit, that can help improve employee performance and creation at the office.

To build a team of peers that work well together, are productive, and have a renewed, and creation focus.

See you at the next trip!