Journey to be an IC Design Engineer

Being regarded as the first R&D IC design center operating in semiconductor industry in Vietnam, Renesas Design Vietnam (RVC) has faced with the risk of the labor force scarcity, less competent working skill in comparison with the Japanese headquarter, the advancement of technology, and the demand of products updates. RVC has created own labor force by recruiting the sources of fresh engineers, investing, self – nurturing and developing to become the high skill human capital. For this mission successfully being accomplished, RVC has focused on people investment, and emphasized on the role of training and people development.

This has been asserted by the unique training systems for both fresh and experienced engineers. The training scheme has created the learning environment within the company, being known through the ELearning, DMS, Library, specially the training course systems. Depending on the role level, the company provides the appropriate road map in training. From a fresh engineer with basic technical foundation and a passion in semiconductor industry, can become the specialist after several years in RVC.

Specifically, in the position of fresh engineers, the graduates with different background and basic technical knowledge will simultaneously be provided essential courses during the two month full intensive training since the 1st day of their working (more than 300 hours of lecture and practice). This helps to fulfill the gap in related working knowledge for fresh engineers, and also contributes to enhance the chances for those who have intention of joining RVC. Moreover, RVC always encourages and creates the mutual learning environment by emphasizing the role of on job training. Mentor – mentee system is applied when fresh engineers are in the later successive working stage, practically joining the real projects. This system has been applied with the purpose of improving skill of new engineers systematically (so far more than 91 engineers joined this system.), and the basic Renesas technical courses (12 courses at basic level) will be provided during the first 2 years.

After approximately 2 years, the loading of training is more broaden and enforcement. On job training is more emphasized, focusing on project internal training, and project quality review. Along with is the combination with practical and technical specialized courses (28 training course at intermediate level). Moreover, the chance for getting international experiences is also offered with 1 year training and working at headquarter, Japan. This makes sure that the engineers have been kept up with the advancement in the changes of technical know-how, learning and getting the updated knowledge as well as the latest technology from modern country.

When the engineers are in more seniority stage, it’s times for them in the role of much more responsibility, comprehensive working overview and management skill, and also mainly in charge of whole projects. On job training will more focus on project review, combining with project management course and training suites relating to management skills. They will be in providing with intellectual equipment to succeed in the managerial roles. So far, RVC is always proud of our young and skillful line of managers, joined and gone along with the company since the day they graduated.

Strategically along with training scheme is people development plan, RVC has also applied the same standard with other subsidiaries in the Corporation, setting and encouraging engineer improvement at higher level with role up skill plan, job assignment, job rotation, individual development plan, and developing to multi task engineers.

In conclusion, RVC with smart and dominant strategy on human capital investment has asserted and proved to the fact that training and people development provide both the company as whole and individual employee significant benefits that make the cost and time a worthwhile investment. And, those who would like to start their career in semiconductor industry, LET’S START YOUR FUTURE WITH RVC.