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Experienced Engineer of Software Quality Assurance

Job Description:

The purpose of software quality assurance is to ensure the software development quality by monitoring every phase of the software development process, making sure that the software adheres to the development standards set by the company. By this way, software quality assurance engineers can make sure that new products work before they are released to the customers.

  • Perform Process Quality Assurance Check to verify whether the execution of the software development project complies with defined development process standards. The result of the process quality assurance check is used as one of the judgement criteria in the software qualification.
  • Perform Quality Gate Check to confirm that the work product satisfies the predetermined quality. As a result of the Quality Gate Check, if work product does not satisfy the predetermined quality, request of quality improvement must be issued to the project as well as judge and following up the completion of corrective countermeasure.

Job Requirement:

  • Background from bachelor degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics, Automation, Mechatronics.
  • Good at English in both writing and speaking skills, distinguished competence, consistent in pursuing of excellence, and good relationships with others and society.
  • From 02-year experience in software development process and software development process quality assurance.
  • Have professional working, logical and analytical thinking, communication skills, ability to work on a team, time management skills.
  • Correct working attitude. Long term working commitment with company is a MUST.
  • Expected working date: 06 December 2018