Renesas Strengthens LGBTQ+ Initiatives to Promote Diversity & Inclusion

Renesas Strengthens LGBTQ+ Initiatives to Promote Diversity & Inclusion

TOKYO, June 21, 2021 ― Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced that it has revised its Human Resources (HR) policies in Japan to accept common-law partners including same-sex couples and has implemented this system as part of the company’s initiatives to promote Diversity & Inclusion. Renesas revised the definition of spouses in the related guidelines of the Group’s offices in Japan. Following the revision, company benefits will now apply to couples who are in common-law partnerships and their families. This includes leaves of absence (including marriage, childbirth, childcare and family care) and other financial benefits (including rent allowance, relocation allowance, and bereavements).

In addition to revising the HR policies, Renesas also introduced the following LGBTQ+ related initiatives as of today: The availability of a consultation helpline, the choice of using a “professional name” to enable employees to work as their self-identified gender, and the implementation of working guidelines related to gender diversity. These initiatives and HR policies revision are implemented within Japan, but Renesas plans to introduce these initiatives to different countries and regions to respect the rights of LGBTQ+ members, while taking into consideration the laws and circumstances of each country and region.

Renesas respects all types of diversity and values, and actively works to improve its work environment and foster a corporate culture that accepts and is inclusive of one another. In order to achieve this, Renesas believes it is important to establish “Diversity & Inclusion” as the basic foundation of its organization, where employees with different genders, nationalities, sexual orientation, gender identities, disabilities and ages can acknowledge and accept one another without discrimination and prejudice.

In June 2021, Renesas has established the Diversity Promotion Group (DPG), which consists of 120 volunteer employees from around the world to globally to drive Renesas’ Diversity & Inclusion efforts. The DPG leads the decision-making process on global policies and initiatives related to Diversity & Inclusion and promotes activities across all regions.

These activities reaffirm Renesas’ commitment to foster a corporate culture where employees understand and accept gender diversity, while also helping to make improvements in systems and work environments for LGBTQ+ employees. The revision of the HR policies announced today is part of this activity. Renesas will continue to accept and include people with various backgrounds and values including LGBTQ+ members and promote further initiatives on Diversity & Inclusion.

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