Renesas Expands Inductive Position Sensing Portfolio to Automotive Motor Commutation with IPS2550 Sensor

Renesas Expands Inductive Position Sensing Portfolio to Automotive Motor Commutation with IPS2550 Sensor

Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today launched its magnet-free IPS2550 inductive position sensor. Featuring improved performance and easy customization, as well as total stray field immunity, and reduced weight and form factor, the IPS2550 is ideal for use as an absolute position sensor for high-speed motor commutation in passenger cars, heavy-duty commercial and off-road vehicles as well as motorbikes. With its optimized bill-of-materials, the new sensor allows customers to cost effectively tailor sensor design for their applications and maximize the performance of the sensor’s accuracy.

Customers can also take advantage of a complete motor commutation solution for traction motors, electronic power steering, starter generators, and other motor applications when combining the new sensor with Renesas microcontrollers (MCUs), gate drivers, and motor drivers.

“We are excited with the response to the new inductive position sensing technology we introduced last June for industrial motors, and we look forward to bringing its advantages to automotive customers with the new IPS2550,” said Christian Wolf, Vice President, Automotive Sensor Business Division at Renesas. “The IPS2550 provides a slimmer and lighter contact-less sensor that continues to deliver the high performance and stability that automotive applications demand combined with the flexibility and ease of customization that enable businesses to manufacture their own resolver or magnetic sensor replacement cost effectively.”

Based on Renesas’ inductive position sensing technology, the magnet-free IPS2550 delivers speeds up to 600 krpm (electrical) and is designed around the motor, accommodating both off-axis (through shaft and side shaft) and on-axis positioning. Customers can match the number of sectors to pole pairs of the motor and cost-effectively boost accuracy compared with alternative sensing technologies. Featuring total stray field immunity, the thin and light sensor also enables easier motor integration and offers the standard materials required for customers to manufacture their own resolver replacement – reducing bill of materials costs. The IPS2550 has been developed according to ISO26262 to support, as a single IC, the most challenging functional safety critical applications, capable of supporting up to ASIL-C(D) system-level requirements.

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