RVC Long-term training in Japan

Mr. Phuong Nguyen returned from Japan to Vietnam in January 2015 after his one year training in Renesas Japan. We started this training scheme in 2011. Every six months we send several employees to Renesas Japan where the employees work and learn latest technology.

We select suitable candidates and send them to Japan. Of course, Japan is one of the most advanced countries, the employees can acquire not only cutting edge skill by working with engineers in Renesas Japan, but also have unforgettable and unique experience by living abroad. After returning to Renesas Design Vietnam, the employees are expected to materialize greater achievement using the experience in Japan.

Mr. Phuong Nguyen commented: “Long-term training was a good opportunity for me to improve my knowledge and improve my design skills. I expanded my knowledge to 1 chip design, frontend management and spec design for an IP, but the most important thing is that I have a chance to learn the thinking of Japanese designers. Also, it is good chance for me to see snow and sakura, and to enjoy “the life on train” – I need go to work by train every day. Japan is the first country that I have travelled to. I saw that everything is well organized and good in control/management.”