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Experienced Training & Development Specialist

Job Summary:

  • Responsible for creating and implementing training programs and observing the development of careers.
  • Deliver performance metrics, evaluate productivity, and support all staffs to create long-term career plans within an organization.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Analysis , design & develop training programs align with company goals, while identifying and resolving issues as necessary
  • Deliver as facilitator for some appropriate programs.
  • Work with related Managers, and identify key areas for capability development for the engineers.
  • Build up, and monitor the training budget.
  • Actively develop external relationships with training supplier to bring leading edge method and courses to training program for the company
  • Provide logistical support, course development, evaluation, process measurements, and cost management.
  • Build an effective mechanism to measure and monitor the success of the programs.
  • Maintain a keen understanding of training trends, developments, and best practices
  • Assist with the development of strategic plans.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by HR Directors.

Primary Requirements:

  • University graduates with a minimum 4 years of training experiences in role of trainer & facilitator
  • Strong oral, written, and (both English and Vietnamese) communication, presentation & negotiation skills to express ideas and information in a way that is engaging, grammatically correct, and concise.
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills, presentation skill
  • Strong interpersonal skills; professional manner. Excellent teamwork and interpersonal skills to build solid relationships across functions.